Superconducting Flux Qubits and Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics
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Superconducting flux qubits and macroscopic quantum mechanics

The Quantum Transport research group at Delft University

From 1998 until 2005 I greatly enjoyed worked at the QT department at the Deulft Univesitry of Technology, first as an undergraduate and later as a PhD student.
During my PhD research in the Quantum Transport Group at the TU Delft in the Netherlands I worked together with many people, both from QT as from other researchgroups around the world. Colleagues I worked with in the fluxqubit team of Hans Mooij and Kees Harmans are Caspar van der Wal, Frank Wilhelm, Pieter de Groot, Adrian Lupascu, Hannes Majer, Raymon Schouten, Floor Paauw, Jelle Plantenberg, Patrice Bertet, Irinel Chiorescu, Yasu Nakamura, and many others.
Of course I also very much enjoyed discussion about physics, and about other topics, with my spin-qubit-collegues and room mates Ronald Hanson and Jeroen Elzerman.
During my PhD I also enjoyed working together with Seth Lloyd, Terry Orlando, and their colleagues at MIT.

Thanks for the interesting, challenging and fun times we had!

See the QuTech homepage to see the current work on Quantum Computers.